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ZL150A HDD Machine Price

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ZLCONN New 15ton HDD Machine for Sale

With a complete line of horizontal directional drills, ZLCONN is a market leader in underground utility installation.

ZLCONN Horizontal directional drill machine application: Electric power, comunication, water supply and drainage, nature gas, oil and other pipeline laying projects. Here you can easily get HDD Machine price from China ZLCONN. ZLCONN is a professional 15T, 22T, 28T, 34T, 35T,38T 43T 45T to 140T HDD machine, horizontal directional drilling machine manufacturer. Except the good price HDD machine you will also get the high-end specs, for example our 22T is 118kw,most other factory only 112kw, and also the outstanding unique advantages, for example our machine 10 years no rust unless manual damagemant, because of unique surface technology. For details refer to belowings.

1. Configuration of ZLCONN ZL150A 15T horizontal directional drilling HDD Machine:

ZLCONN ZL150A 15T HDD Machine 
FeaturesCummins engine, American Permco main pump, American Eaton cycloid motor as rotating motor and push-pull motor. The push-pull system is directly driven by 4 motors, with high power and fast speed; onboard 180 mud pump, leading brand rubber track,  Rack and pinion push-pull mechanism, and a fully automatic rod changing device and a hydraulic ground anchor are optional. The power head box floats as a whole to protect the drill rod; Equipped with a mud cleaning and site cleaning device; the hydraulic pilot control system meets the rocking point of hard soil drilling.
一、Main Technical Parameters of ZL150A                             
NO.NameParameterNO. NameParameter
1Total Weight(Kg)63009Dimension
(LxWxH)( mm)
2Max.push/Pull force(KN)15010Max.torque(N.m)4800
3Max.push/pull speed(m/min)4511Max.rotary speed
( r/min)
4Engine power(KW)8112Max.mud pump flow(L/min)180
5Running speed(km/h)2.5-4.013Max.mud pump pressure(Mpa)8
6Entry drill angle(°)12~2014Max.grade ability(°)20
7Max.rotating diameter(mm) distance(m)200
8Drill pipeΦ52mm×1800mm    
二、ZL150A Standard configuration of ZL150A                               
NO. NameUnitQty.Remark
1EngineSet1Dongfen Cummins
2Hydraulic pumpSet1Permco(US)
3Main rotary motorSet2ETON(US)
4Travel motorSet2TOBIS(Korea)or Leading China
5Push-pull motorSet4ETON(US)
6rubber crawler Set2Zhejiang
7Mud pumpSet1Tongfang
8Hydraulic SystemSet1Hydraulic Pilot Control

For HDD Machine, we offer with customized built for 15T ZL150A  and other models, like steel track, rubber track, manual rod feeder,semi-aotumatic rod feeder, full automatic hdd machine, hydraulic anchor and manual anchor.Feel free to contact us for exact price of your requirements. Also, full packages of drilling tools and accessories are provided, including HDD Machine drilling rods, reamers,subsaver for soil and rock drilling, mud pump, locator, pipe detector all are provided by ZLCONN.

No matter which configurations and model, all ZLCONN HDD Machine are outstanding for followings:

1) 9 workshops of 60000sqm for HDD machine production

2) Shaft, rack and pinion ,beam.. self produce.

3) 50no.s per month.

4) HDD Machine,Horizontal Directional Drilling surface by electronicphoresis,10years no rust.. 

5) Easier operation, bigger force, smooths rotation and bigger torque.

6) Rack and pinion system, more stable drilling ,wire and wireless controller

7) Cummins diesel engine ,Eaton, SAYI motor, Permco hydraulic pump


Related Knowlegdes on Horizontal directional drilling Machine price

ZLCONN shares you how to tell the prices behind every quote. Due to there are two many extensions and accessories of HDD machine, so it’s not easy for a new comer to know and compare the HDD machine prices for different suppliers right. Make sure to check followings when you receive a quote 

  1. Whether rod feeder is manual, semi-automatic or full automatic rod feeder. 
  2. Whether anchore is hydraulic anchor or manual. 
  3. Whether track is steel track or rubber track. 
  4. Whether cabin with air conditioner included in the hdd machine price. 
  5. Whether the motor is EATON or SAYI, price and performance difference
  6. Whether hydraulic pump is imported Permco or not, Price and performance big difference.
  7. Whether raw material is Q235 or W610.
  8. Whether rods is 100no.s , how many reamers?
  9. What brand locator is DCI or other brand?