Mud Pumps

Best Mud Pump for drilling rig HDD machine manufacturers, Airborne mud pump and external mud pump for option, 250L to 1500L mud pumps for HDD horizontal directional drilling machine

The function of the mud pump is to provide high-pressure mud for drilling construction. The mud pump pumps the mud prepared on the ground to the drill bit through the drilling rig and drill pipe in a high-pressure form. It cools and cleans the drill bit, and cleans the drilling cutting surface and hole wall. Clean and carry the cuttings out of the hole. In drilling construction using mud motors (screw drilling tools), the high-pressure mud pumped by the mud pump is used as the power to drive the mud motor (screw drilling tools).

Basic performance and parameters of mud pump

The two main parameters of mud pump performance are flow and pressure. The flow rate is generally calculated in terms of the number of liters discharged per minute. The adjustment of the mud flow rate required during construction is related to the diameter of the drill hole, the diameter of the hole and the speed of mud return. That is, the larger the hole diameter, the greater the required flow rate, and the return speed of the mud can close the hole. The drill cuttings in the hole are fully carried out of the hole. The pressure of the mud pump depends on factors such as the length, depth, hole diameter, and mud viscosity of the drilled (expanded) hole. The longer the drilled hole, the deeper the depth, the smaller the hole diameter, and the greater the mud viscosity, the greater the mud return resistance, and the required pressure The bigger it gets.



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ZLCON factory more than 60Ksqm,other factories only 6-10Ksqm.ZLCONN uses WL610 steelAll others Q235. WL610 steel is much stronger, much stable than Q235 steel.

2.Self produced parts and full procedure quality control for ZLCONN machine
Many directional drills factories only have assembling workshop.
My factory produce most of the parts all by ourselves, from raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal – electronicphoresis surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves,much stable,better quality control.

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About Horizontal directional drilling

HDD machines are primarily used for underground pipeline installation and maintenance. Their applications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Oil and gas industry: Used for pipeline laying and maintenance in oil fields and natural gas extraction, including drilling in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  2. Utilities and infrastructure construction: Used for the installation and maintenance of city water supply, drainage, natural gas pipelines, as well as cable and communication lines.
  3. Environmental protection: Used for environmental projects such as groundwater monitoring, soil pollution remediation, and installation of environmental monitoring equipment.
  4. Road and railway construction: Used for laying pipelines in road and railway engineering to avoid disruption to traffic and the surrounding environment.
  5. Construction industry: Used for the installation of underground pipelines, cables, and communication lines at construction sites, as well as for ground reinforcement and underground structure construction.

Horizontal directional drilling machines have a wide range of applications, enabling precise drilling and pipeline installation in underground environments, reducing surface disruption and minimizing impact on the surrounding environment and infrastructure. The stable,powerful ,durable features will decide the speed,efficiency even the sucess of a project. Main parts on horizontal directional drilling machine will include :operating platform,Anchor device,Clamping device, Crawler-tread, Frame assembly, Engine, Diesel tank, Hydraulic system, Hood assembly, push-pull device, Bracket body, Power head assembly, Automatic change rod device, Mud pump assembly Electric system.

How to Choose the right horizontal directional drilling rig?

Regarding pipes or fiber optics in different project are different, for example fiber optics is very small they only need small HDD machine, therefore, for fiber optics normally 22t or 28t is used.

Cable is bigger, so commonly 28t, 35t are more used in cable.

Same for other project, the bigger the pipes are,  the bigger HDD machine are needed.

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Every different projects need different model of HDD machine, if you don’t know how to choose, pls answer the following questions, our engineer will give you recommendation.

1) What is diameter of the pipe? How many pipe you will pulling at the same time?

2) What is the material of the pipe?

3) What is the max distance from the entrance to exit?

4)  What is the soil condition, hard or soft, clay or rock?

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