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Fly cutter

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ZLCONN Fly cutter

ZLCONN Fly cutters are used primarily on a milling machine for machining large, flat surface areas. The fly cutter is a single-point cutting tool similar to a lathe tool mounted in a special holder. The cutter can be adjusted to cut up to a 2.00″ (51 mm) diameter and is easily capable of taking a .010″ (.25 mm) deep cut in aluminum at this diameter.

Fly cutter reamer: suitable for formation of hard soil, clay of high viscosity, mudstone
Reamer material: made from superior alloy steel undergone strict heat treatment, which effectively enhances
impact resitacne, pulling force, torsional force and wear resistance
Common cutting teeth or hard alloy teeth can be avalaible. Common cutting teeth are suitable for formations
of hard soil, clay of high viscosity, soft mudstone, etc.

enjoying advantages of lower cost and faster reaming

speed; hard alloy teeth are suitable for mudstone and comparatively soft sandstone, with self adjustment of 
varied quality teeth based on different rock hardness.

ZLCONN Quality Control

Our quality team’s work begins by ensuring a consistently high standard of raw material: checking every batch on delivery against the technical team’s strict criteria for dimensional accuracy and steel chemistry. Once approved for production, every item of material is issued a work number that allows us to track it through every subsequent step of the manufacturing process. The completed product is finally issued and stamped with a serial number that enables 100% traceability of all that manufacturing data.

We break open samples from every batch of pipe to check the steel’s mechanical properties are up to S135
standard. Just as importantly, our trained QC staff carry out 100% physical and non-destructive inspections of every forged end.This ensures there are no internal cracks, sharp transitions or underfills – any of which could lead to rapid propagation of stress cracks. No pipe is released to market without a quality report verifying compliance with all destructive and non destructive testing criteria.