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Mud mixer

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ZLCONN Mud mixer

The planetary mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixing and stirring equipment. While the agitator revolves around the axis of the kettle body, it also rotates around its own axis at a high speed at a different speed, making the materials move in the kettle body in a complex way.Subjected to intense shearing and rubbing, it is several times more efficient than an ordinary mixer.The agitators are divided by the viscosity and characteristics of the material, including paddle type, twist type, claw type, frame type etc. have good mixing, reacting, kneading, dissolving effect.

ZLCONN Mud mixer Working Principle

Planetary power mixer is a kind of new high-efficiency mixing and stirring equipment with no dead spot. It features unique and novel stirrer mode, with two or three stirrers as well as one or two auto scrapers inside the vessel. While revolving around the axle of the vessel, the stirrers also rotate around its own axis at different speeds, to achieve complicated movement of strong shearing and kneading for materials inside the vessel. Besides, the scraper inside the equipment revolves around the axle of the vessel, scraping the materials adhering to the wall for mixing and achieving better effects. The vessel adopts special sealing structure, capable of pressurized and vacuumized mixing, with excellent exhaust and bubble removal effects. Vessel jacket can be heating or cooling according customer’s requirements. The equipment is sealed excellently. The vessel cover can be hydraulically lifted and lowered, and vessel can be moved freely for ease of operation. Furthermore, the stirrers and scraper can rise with the beam and fully detach from vessel body, for ease of cleaning.

ZLCONN Mud mixer Main Features

(1) Glue mixing machine, the materials are mixed rapidly under the action of strong shearing and kneading force. Various agitators
(blade type, twist type, claw type, frame type etc) are in option based on materials with different viscosity and different specific gravity.
(2) Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuators. Control the mixer up, stop and down through controlling the valve, simple operation with high stability.
(3) There is scraper on the planetary frame rotating together with the planetary frame, it clings to the container and scrape the materials on the wall off continuously, and ensure without mixing dead corner and excellent mixing result.
(4) Options for explosion-proof type, closed type, heating type, with PLC intelligent control type, etc.
5) Reliable airproof tank can mix in vacuum and decompression surroundings.
6) Tank with jacket for heating and cooling demand by input oil or water.
7) Changeable inner tank with precision process, easy cleaning.
8) The shaft motion on orbital revolution and axial rotation at the same time, which can make the material mixed evenly.
9)Material options for SS304, SS316L or special Spraying materials.

ZLCONN Mud mixer Main Parameters

Jet Pump380v 4kw380v 4kw380v 4kw380v 4kw380v 18.5kw380v 22kw
Batching Speed≤30kg/m≤30kg/min≤30kg/min≤30kg/min≤80kg/min≤120kg/min
Mixing TypeJet negative pressure suction
Net Volume3m³6m³8m³10m³15m³20m³
Control SystemOverload,undervoltage,and phase loss protection functions; maximum liquid level alarm; LED lighting
Sewage Outlet3 Inch3 Inch3 Inch4 Inch4 Inch4 Inch
Interface4 Inch4 Inch4 Inch4 Inch5 Inch6 Inch
Net Weight900Kg1400Kg1900Kg2100Kg3500kg4350kg

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