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ZL350A/700 35-70T HDD Horizontal Drilling Rig

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ZLCONN ZL350A/700 Horizontal Drilling Rig

  1.  Cummins engine; American Permco main pump; American Eaton motor as rotating motor, Italian SAI high-pressure and high-speed radial plunger push-pull motors, rotation speed 130 rpm; power can be increased to 70 tons (optional) 
  2.  Steel tracks are equipped with rubber blocks; rack and pinion push-pull mechanism;
  3.  Equipped with a new type of automatic rod-loading manipulator, with adjustable rod-turning speed;
  4. The power head and holder are double-floating to protect the drill rod;
  5. Onboard 350L mud pump (with enamel cylinder liner);
  6. The hydraulic pilot control system meets the rocking point requirements of weathered rock drilling and is equipped with a friction positioning handle;
  7.  Push-pull high-speed and mud pump on-off can switch freely;
  8. Equipped with mud flushing device, site flushing device, mud antifreeze device (optional), thread oil application device (optional);
  9. Fully enclosed fixed or rotatory cab and dual-purpose air conditioning (optional);
  10. Fully automatic rod loading system with box and hydraulic anchor device (optional);
  11. It has both a small entry angle of 10° and a large climbing angle of 25°;
  12. The hydraulic system and electrical system adopt modular integrated design, with simple and practical structure, strong stability and easy maintenance and repair;
  13. Using rack and pinion push-pull, the transmission efficiency is high, the work is stable, and the maintenance is convenient and simple;
  14.  Equipped with Ф73 or 76×3000 drill rod to give full play to the drilling rig’s construction capabilities;
  15.  It adopts Korean TOBIS or China leading brand high and low two-speed high-torque walking motor, steel track and rubber boots, suitable for walking on any road surface;
  16.  Cold zone options: mud pump antifreeze device; air intake preheating device (including diesel filter element and oil-water separator diesel heating function), suitable for construction temperature 0~-35°;
  17. Optional in extremely cold areas: MTD18A heating auxiliary ignition device, suitable for construction temperatures <-35°;
  18. The operating console has a user-friendly design, one-button ignition, electronic throttle, friction positioning operating handle, dual USB charging connectors, LED ceiling light high-power fan, front and rear telescopic seats, wide operating visual range, strong adaptability, and telescopic ladder for easy access. , get off the vehicle and operate to improve the comfort of the operator.

2. HDD Machine Price — ZL350A/700 horizontal drilling rig Specs

Engine powerKW153
Max. Pull / Push forceKN350/700
Max. Pull / Push speedm/min35
Max. Slewing speedr/min130
Max. Flow of slurry pumpL/min320
Max.pressure of slurry pumpMpa8
Max. drill pipe diametermmФ900
Max. Working distancem500
Crawler speedKm/h2.5-4.0
Drilling rodmmФ73/Ф76×3000
Push-pull type Rack & Pinion
Max. grade ability°25°
Drillling Angle°10-20°

3. HDD Machine Machine Price  — How to tell HDD Mahine Price Right

1 . Make sure check whether HDD Machine rods with machine and how many;

2.  Make sure check how many reamers with machine and how many. Reamers no.s different price big different

3.  Make sure check which destination the price is for: different seaport or mainland, price may 3oooUSD gap

4. Make sure whether locator and detector are with the machine, and which brand it is. Different locator and detector brands price big different

5. Make sure you are choosing the right locator. Because for different soil condition and depth, we will need different type of locator.

6. Check whether it is steel track or rubber track. Price big different.

7. Check whether it’s automatic rod feeder or semi-automatic or manual, price also big different. You need to choose the suitable type based on your practice.

8. Check the anchor is hydraulic or manual in the price list. Price also big different .

9. Check the rod thickness or the brand, price different.

10. Check whick kind of steel are used for HDD machine production. Different steel performance, stable, no shaking, life span big different.

11. Check the slewing speed of machine, different slewing speed means different drilling speed , means finishing job faster and earning more money

12. The most important thing is choosing the right model HDD Machine based on your pipe diameter, drilling depth,drillig distance, soil condition and so on.  If you chose the wrong HDD Machine models, it will cost of  a lot. ZLCONN provides the service to help customer suggested the most suitable machine models and tools and parts and device. If you need help from ZLCONN feel free to contact us  

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  ZLCONN HDD Machine Advantages

1) Big factory : We have 9 workshops of 60,000sqm. We are big factory. Other companies workshop only 1000~10000sqm.
2) Self produce and full procedure quality control. : Many factories only have assembling workshop, other processes are outsoucing. My factory all by ourselves.From raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal – electronicphoresis surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves,much stable,better quality control.
3) Better raw Material, more stable more power and durable: In china, only our Company use L610 steel for whole machine structure( bottom,shell,boom,..). All other company uses Q235. L610 steel is much stronger, much stable than Q235 steel. So our hdd machine much more durable and stroner.
4) Better components: For hydraulic pump, only my company use USA brand. Other company all use China brand. The China hydraulic pump is the main reason for weak force and much force reduce when HDD machine come to hard soil.
5) Customer-built available. Oversea service provided.