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FN-120B Mud Recycling System

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ZLCONN mud recycling system

In horizontal directional drilling projects, the application of mud recycling equipment brings several benefits. Firstly, it effectively processes and recycles the drilling mud and waste, reducing environmental pollution. Secondly, mud recycling equipment allows the reuse of recovered mud in drilling operations, reducing the demand for fresh water resources and lowering operational costs. Additionally, it can reduce the mud treatment costs during drilling, thereby improving the project’s economic efficiency.

Mud pots usually use corrugated board to make the sidewall stronger. Slurry tank steel is first sandblasted. We use a gold-epoxy zinc-rich paint from Kansai brand in Japan. The thickness of the first layer is 75μ, the epoxy medium is twice, the thickness is 250μ, and the polyurethane finish is twice. The thickness is 70 μ. Spray 2 layers in the tank as above. Our company is a professional oil drilling fluid slurry tank manufacturer, to provide you with high-quality drilling fluid mud tanks, factory outlets have the advantage of price, and provide you with satisfactory after-sale technical services.

The mud tank will be configured completely with electrical control, lighting, guard rail, necessary pipeline, inlet&output, clean gate, etc.AJT Mud tanks is the main container holding well drilling fluid. It is widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD Machine, CSM drilling, slurry separation, tunnelling and mining industries.In OGEM equipment you can get ideal design on mud tanks.We’ll consider complete mud tanks system configuration. Such as proper space and position for shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge decanter, mud mixing hopper, centrifugal pumps, etc. So we have shaker tank, suction tank, mixing tank terms.

ZLCONN FN-120B mud recycling system Parameters

Slurry Pump15kwFully-Alloy Pump Case,Blade
Three Layer Vibrating ScreenUpper 1900×900Frame Woven Screen
Middle 1900×900Frame Woven Screen
Bottom 1900×900Frame Woven Screen
Electronic ControlCustomizeProtection when overloading, Votage high or Low, Less phase
Vibrating Motor1.3kw+1.8kw2
Vibrating wayTranslational EllipticalT1900-3
Purificating Capacity≤120m³/HMud Percentage:1.2g/cm3,Viscosity: 45s
Separating Granularity≥0.03mmDesilter
Total Power18kw
Net Weight2850kg


Environmental Benefits of Mud Recovery

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, mud recovery systems have become a topic of increasing interest in horizontal directional drilling construction. Mud recovery systems reduce the impact on the environment by treating and reusing discarded mud, ultimately lowering construction costs.

In the mud recovery system, the bentonite mixing tank is a critical component. This mixing tank is used to blend and store mud, ensuring its effective recovery and reuse. An efficient mud recovery system not only reduces waste emissions but also decreases the demand for fresh water and raw materials, promoting sustainable resource utilization.

ZLCONN Advantages:

Exclusive use three-layer shale shaker structure, Mud with high sand concentration can meet the requirements with one time processing.

1st domistic company with Dual control system(Full-function remote control and button control), Be convenient and efficient.

The first use Internal/full-alloy slurry pump in China, Increasing working time for slurry pump, Improved system stability, Energy consumption is reduced.

The most suitable design after validation for hydrocyclones-slurry pump,Ensured the best match device for pressure,

flow and processing .

Patented device for fixing screen-Easy to assemble/disassemble and fixed well.

Built-in electric cabinet design, Guaranteed security and reliable for transportation.

When phase-lacking and wrong phase sequence, The system will alarm and shut off the power automatically.