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ZL450A 45T HDD Machine – 150rpm Hi Speed

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ZL450A 45T HDD Drilling Machine 

ZLCONN ZL450A HDD drilling Machine 

1. Cummins 194kW high-power engine; American Permco main pump;

2. Italian SAI high-pressure and high-speed radial piston motors are used as rotating motors

and push-pull motors, with a rotation speed of 150 rpm;

3. The rack and pinion push-pull mechanism has high transmission efficiency, stable operation,

and convenient and simple maintenance;

4. The power head and holder have double floating protection drill pipe threads;

5. The control adopts a multi-functional handle, which integrates the functions of rotation, push and pull,

high and low speed switching, clamping, flipping, rod changing, mud pump start and stop, and can be

controlled without leaving the handle, making it simple and flexible;

6. Equipped with LCD color multi-function LCD display to easily and intuitively read various digital

operating parameters.

7. It has both a small entry angle of 10° and a large climbing angle of 25°;

8. Adopt Korean TIC or leading China high and low two-speed high-torque walking motor,

steel track with rubber pad

9. Wired and wireless remote control, high and low speed can be switched at will, adapting to the walking

needs of various venues

10. Standard semi-automatic manipulator, automatic rod loading system, and adjustable rod turning speed;

11. The hydraulic pilot control system meets the rocking point requirements of weathered rock drilling and is

equipped with a friction positioning handle;

12. Standard 90° fixed or rotating cab with heating and cooling air conditioning (compressor belt drive);

13. Onboard 450L or 500L  mud pump (with ceramic cylinder liner), which can be equipped with rock mud motor;

14. Equipped with Ф83/Ф89×3000/4500 drill rod to give full play to the drilling rig’s construction capabilities;

15. Equipped with mud flushing device, site wash device and grouting bypass device (for external mud pump);

16. Cold zone options: mud pump antifreeze device; air intake preheating device (including diesel filter element

and oil-water separator diesel heating function), suitable for construction temperature 0~-35°;

17. Optional in extremely cold areas: ZL18A heating auxiliary ignition device, suitable for construction

temperatures <-35°;

18. Comprehensive and thoughtful humanized design, excavator-style control, one-button ignition,

remote electronic throttle, friction positioning multi-function operating handle, dual USB charging connectors,

LED ceiling light, high-power fan, LCD color multi-function LCD display, front and rear The telescopic seat

and rotary air-conditioned cab have a wide visual range and strong adaptability. The telescopic ladder

facilitates getting on and off the vehicle, improving operator comfort.

一、Main Technical Parameters of ZL450A 
NO.NameParameterNO. NameParameter
1Total Weight(Kg)13.29Dimension
(LxWxH)( mm)
2Max.push/Pull force(KN)45010Max.torque(N.m)23000
3Max.push/pull speed(m/min)4011Max.rotary speed
( r/min)
4Engine power(KW)19312Max.mud pump flow(L/min)450/500
5Running speed(km/h)2.5-4.013Max.mud pump pressure(Mpa)10
6Entry drill angle(°)10~2014Max.grade ability(°)25
7Max.rotating diameter(mm) distance(m)600
8Drill pipe83mm/89mm
二、ZL450A                                        Two\Standard configuration of ZL450A                               
1EngineSet1Dongfen Cummins
2Hydraulic pumpSet1Permco(US)
3Main rotary motorSet2Sai(ITA)
4Travel motorSet2TOBIS(Korea)
5Push-pull motorSet2Sai(ITA)
6Push-pull reducerSet2Ningbo
7Steel crawler and insert rubber blockSet2Hubei
8Mud pumpSet1Tongfang
9Hydraulic SystemSet1Hydraulic pilot + load sensitive control

With the development of the technology, the product will improve constantly and the difference may emerge between goods

 and the technical information here and in Brochure. The condition of the supply goods should be go on with the sell contract.

3. Advantages of ZLCONN 45ton HDD Machine

  1. All models of ZLCONN HDD Machine are ok for customization beyond standard specification. We can adjust machine configurations to your project practice. For example, change the standard slurry pump to big pump if you require, change the engine to bigger model if your project needs or change motors to appointed models if you have preferred type or model. Flexible and customer-oriented we are.
  2. Thanks for Strict Quality Control Capability of ZLCONN HDD Mmachine. Benefited from our extraordinary machining equipment and metalwork capability, all the main steel structure of HDD are produced all by ourselves, like beam, rack, pinion, gear, shaft and so on, making us, making us possible to ensure strict quality of every parts of the machine and longer life and much more stability compared to many other companies.
  3. Full Extensions for ZLCONN HDD Machine with reasonable price list : Auto-pipe loading, semi-automatic pipe loading, auto anchor, air-conditioned cabin…all available.
  4. Oversea onsite service of course. Our HDD construction team can train or assist your team onsite to help you finish the job.