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1000lpm Mud Pump

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ZLCONN 1000L HDD Mud Pump


Mud Pump is one of the key equipment in hdd machine drilling. Its main function is to supply the drilling fluid (mud or water) to the drill hole during drilling, so that it can circulate in the drill hole to carry the debris back to the ground, keep the hole clean, and cool and lubricate the drill and drilling tools, protect the hole wall to prevent the collapse and help to prevent the collapse and help. To help the drilling and so on. Whether the parameters of the pump match properly will directly affect the quality and efficiency of drilling engineering. ZLCONN exploration is known as the cradle of China’s specialized production Slurry Pump. The Slurry Pump series products have complete specifications, flow 100-2500L/min, pressure 1.5-50Mpa, occupy the market dominant position, and have drafted the national industry standard of “geological drilling reciprocating Slurry Pump”. The slurry pump is widely used in geological core drilling, Trenchless Pipeline Construction, mine drainage, chemical liquid transportation and other fields.

ZLCONN 1000lpm Mud Pump Technical Parameters And Specifications

Model1000lpm Slurry Pump
TypeHorizontal three-cylinder reciprocating single-acting piston pump
Liner DIA(mm)135
Pump Speed(min-1)158130915937
Rated Pressure(MPa)67101212
Input Power(KW)132(Diesel Engine 6BTA5.9-C180)
Suction Pipe DIA(mm)127
Discharge Pipe DIA(mm)76

ZLCONN Advantages:

1.Advanced technology&Equipment, International standard.

2.R&D center for rock drilling tools, high precision CNC machines, API&ISO Certified.

3.10+ Years & 35 Countries service experience.

4.Optimized solutions for various of requirement.

ZLCONN Services

1. We supply good quality goods at competitive price.
2. We not only have our own design but also accept customization.
3. Fast and on time delivery.
4. Every bit has it’s quality assurance.
5. Contact us anytime if you have any question with bits.
6. 24 hours on time reply.

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