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Our company specializes in supplying top-of-the-line replacement parts for drilling equipment, including Vermeer D24x40, Vermeer D36x50, Vermeer D50x100, Vermeer D60x90, and many others. such as  Vermeer Transmitter Housing, drill bits, reammers, subsavers, swivels, adapters, wrenchs, anchor stakes. Find the Vermeer parts and accessories you need for your horizontal directional drill. — your online HDD tooling and accessories warehouse.

We also specialise in producing custom-made parts according to customers drawings, ensuring that our solutions meet your specific needs. Customized all kinds of Vermeer HDD machine drilling tools. Call us at +86 18274950733 or email at with any of your HDD needs.

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All our HDD drilling tools come with a six-month warranty

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We specialise in producing custom-made parts according to customers drawings, ensuring that our solutions meet your specific needs.

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More than a Vermeer drilling tools supplier, we are a leading solution provider for HDD. We are always ready to supply technical support to your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended drill bit sizes and types for different ground conditions when using Vermeer HDD machines?

We offers a range of drill bit sizes and types to suit various ground conditions, ensuring optimal drilling performance.

Can I purchase Vermeer drill rods and sonde housings that are compatible with my Vermeer HDD machine model?

Yes, We provides a selection of drill rods and sonde housings that are designed to work seamlessly with specific Vermeer HDD machine models.

What size do you have of the Drill rods?

Our Vermeer drill rod models include D16x20, D20x22, D23x30, D24x40, D24x40S, D33x44, D36x50, D40x55, D60x90, and more. Each model of drill rod is designed for different operational needs and working conditions. You can choose the appropriate model based on your specific project requirements.

What type of drilling tool is best suited for my HDD drilling rig application?

The best type of drilling tool for your HDD drilling rig application will depend on factors such as the ground conditions, the size of the project, and the specific requirements of the job.

What is the expected lifespan of the drilling tool, and how can I maximize its longevity?

The lifespan of a HDD drilling tool can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and ground conditions. Regular maintenance and proper usage can help maximize its longevity.

Can the drilling tool be customized or modified to meet specific project needs?

Some HDD directional drilling tools can be customized or modified to meet specific project requirements, such as different cutting structures or configurations for challenging ground conditions.


1.ZLCONN Big HDD factory and workshop.
ZLCON factory more than 60Ksqm,other factories only 6-10Ksqm.ZLCONN uses WL610 steelAll others Q235. WL610 steel is much stronger, much stable than Q235 steel.

2.Self produced parts and full procedure quality control for ZLCONN machine
Many directional drills factories only have assembling workshop.
My factory produce most of the parts all by ourselves, from raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal – electronicphoresis surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves,much stable,better quality control.

3.ZLCONN Oversea service,EU Standard and Good Price