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Different swivels size available for Vermeer HDD

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Different swivels sizw available


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations often require the use of swivels to enable efficient drilling and steering of the drill bit underground. Here are some common types of swivels used in HDD applications:

  1. Rotary Swivel: This type of swivel allows the drill string to rotate independently from the drill rig, enabling the drill bit to turn while drilling. This helps in maintaining the direction of the drill and navigating underground obstacles.
  2. Steering Swivel: Steering swivels are designed to provide smooth and controlled steering of the drill bit during HDD operations. They allow for precise adjustments to the direction of drilling without affecting the stability of the drill string.
  3. Borehole Swivel: Borehole swivels are used to connect the drill pipe to the drill rig and allow for rotation of the drill string while maintaining pressure integrity in the borehole. These swivels are essential for preventing twist-offs and tool failures during drilling.
  4. Pivot Swivel: Pivot swivels are used to allow the drill string to pivot at a specific point, enabling the drill bit to change direction smoothly and efficiently while maintaining stability. These swivels are crucial for steering the drill bit around obstacles underground.
  5. Dual Swivel Assembly: Some HDD operations may require the use of a dual swivel assembly, which consists of two swivels working in conjunction to provide both rotational and steering capabilities. This setup allows for more precise control and maneuverability during drilling.

When selecting swivels for directional drilling HDD, it’s important to consider factors such as the size and type of drill string being used, the depth and terrain of the drilling project, as well as the specific requirements for steering and control. It’s also essential to ensure that the swivels are properly maintained and inspected regularly to ensure safe and efficient drilling operations.