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Barrel reamer

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ZLCONN Barrel reamer

Barrel Reamers are used in the cleaning of the borehole and the centring of the next reaming step for multiple stages of reaming. This reamer is made with a continuous central axis, and the larger models come with internal air chambers to maintain neutral buoyancy in the borehole.

HDD machine back reamer barrel type from 200mm to 1500mm size.

Barrel reamers are available in various types of increasing sizes. Comes with standard API screw-threads. Available with the following threads, frontside box and backside pin thread:

  • 2 7/8 PAC, 2 7/8″ IF, 3 1/2″ IF, 4 1/2″ IF, 5 1/2″ FH, 6 5/8″ FH
  • ¼ NPT stainless steel nozzles, 1/2″ of 3/4″ carbide nozzles.
  • Tungsten carbide teeth.

12″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″ Mandrel

14″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″ Mandrel

16″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″ Mandrel

18″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″ or 6 ½”  Mandrel

20″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″or 6 ½” Mandrel

24″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8″ or 6 ½” Mandrel

30″ Barrel Back Reamer, 4-1/8 or 6 ½”” Mandrel

30″ Barrel Back Reamer, 5” or 6 3/4”” Mandrel

36″ Barrel Back Reamer, 5” or 6-3/4″ Mandrel

42″” Barrel Back Reamer, 6-3/4″ Mandrel

52″ Barrel Back Reamer, 8″ Mandrel

64″ Barrel Back Reamer, 8″ Mandrel

72″ Barrel Back Reamer, 8″ Mandrel

The barrel back reamer is the standard for larger HDD Machine, come with API threads and back cutters for back or forward reaming.

Ideal for sand and loam  soil conditions, the barrel reamer can be used for stacking with fly cutter of hole opener, or can be used by itself for cleaning pre-reamed holes and pulling in the product.

  • Replaceable bullet bits grind through tough ground conditions
  • Interchangeable nozzles to varie jet sizes and pressures
  • API through shaft to allow stacking with Fly Cutters

ZLCONN Barrel reamer Options

Fluted/barrel/Ringed/Fly/cutter reamerSpecificationAttended Mode
Central spindleBarrelPipe ODThread typeOctagonSwivel
127mm500-1500mm102-114mmNC38 NC46100T-150T


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