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DCI Falcon 5+ Locators

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What’s New with the Falcon F5+

Falcon+ branding to showcase the new features

New V2 transmitter features

  • Available 24” FT5XLp+ with 220 ft data range
  • Power modes settable on the locator
  • Faster pitch updates in low power mode
  • Longer depth and data range in high power mode
  • Warning on locator to indicate a Lithium Ion battery is required with high power mode
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion (LiR) battery compatibility with adapter

Updated Menu for access to new and most used features

  • New “Quick Scan Pair” option
  • Power Off moved to second screen
  • V2 Transmitter Power Mode indicator in status bar
  • Full Scale Sensitive Pitch for Fluid Pressure Transmitter can be set as the default in the settings menu

Quick Scan Pair

  • Quickly Optimizes and pairs pre-set bands – just two-clicks to scan and pair
  • Presets can be changed depending on what typically works best for your area

Updated Locate Mode Screen

  • Transmitter Power Mode indicated by Signal Strength bars
  • 24-position clock for V2 FT2 transmitters
  • Power consumption warning in the case a Lithium Ion battery is not in use while the transmitter is in high power mode

Frequency Optimizer Screen

  • Previous up and down bands displayed for side-by-side comparison 
  • (If they still work for you, you can continue to use them.)
  • New Suggested Bands feature (1 click pairing both up and down)
  • Can still select preferred band.

Calibration Workflow Streamlined

  • Up band preselected after pairing so after calibrating both bands you are ready to drill in the more commonly used down band

TrakStand HAG

  • Default value for TrakStand height
  • Can be set to any value once enabled
  • When enabled, subtracts TrakStand Height from depth reading
  • Compatible with Target Steering

Target Steering

  • With TrakStand HAG A

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