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ZLCONN The Most Professional HDD Machine Manufacturer !

Hunan ZLCONN Machinery Co.,Ltd located Langli eastern suburb of Changsha city – the famous construction machinery capital in the world, is just 10 kilometers away from the Changsha airport, 6 kilometers away from the Changsha High-speed Railway Station. Ever since the establishment in 1992, first in Changsha, then set branch in Shenzhen years before, our company has been committed to the research, production and sales of construction machinery.
Our company covers a big area of more than 200 acres with 60000 square meters plant. We are proud of our most advanced production line and equipment in the world, including CNC coil straightening line, fiber laser cutting machine, SPT CNC punching line, automatic welding robots, CNC boring mill, CNC machining center, automatic painting and baking coating line and so on. With more than 400 employees, we has strong manufacturing capabilities and experienced technical team as well as after-sales team, we are devoted to providing stable and reliable products to customers.
ZLCONN HDD Machine from 15T to 140T enjoys high reputation among customers worldwide. Hot models includes ZL150A, ZL220AZL280AZL350AZL380A Hi-speedZL450A Hi-speedZL450A/900ZL600A/1200ZL800A/1200 etc. Now ZL380A Hi-speed, ZL450A Hi-speed are the hottest pieces.

ZLCONN HDD machine Advantages

1. Big factory: 9 workshops of 60,000sqm;
2. Self-produced whole parts and full-procedure quality control: From raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal – electronic phoresis surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves, making ZLCONN machine much stable, better quality control.
3. Better raw Material: Our Company use L610 steel for whole machine structure (bottom structure, shell, boom,..), much stronger, much stable than Q235 steel, making ZLCONN HDD machine much more durable and stronger.
4. Better components: For 360A and 430A Hi-speed machine, we all use big Sai Piston Motor for slewing rather than cycloid motor any more, much higher pressure. For hydraulic pump,we use USA Brand.
5. Chemically Rust Removing Workshop- Electrophoresis Method
• Only Used in Automobile
• Only ZLCONN Use it in HDD in China
• 10 year no rusty
• Boost HDD Machine Life Span
• Same cost, HDD Machine can serve more years
6. Customer-built available. We will provide customer built models and reinforce.
7. Own construction team in HDD pipe laying makes us better knowledge of products.
8. Official whatsapp 008618274950733 will be 7*24h on line. Please add it.
ZLCONN is coming to meet you. Let’s cooperate now!


We believe that our commitment to client service, commerciality, and teamwork provides benefits to our clients and enhances effective business relationship.It is because the high quality products and best client service make us top hdd machine suppliers to international market.


Our company covers a big area of more than 200 acres with 60000 square meters plant.

Customer-built Available

We provide oversea service for directional drills all the time, which save your cost.


We are the only factory in China that using USA brand hydraulic pump for HDD Machine.


Professional sales team of dynamic people speak foreign languages, familiar with international trading.

Hunan ZLCONN Machinery

What we do

ZLCONN HDD Machine: 15T, 22T,28T,35T,38T,45T,60T,80T,35-70T,60-120T,80-120T.
HDD Drill Rods: Chinese rig ,Vermmer ,Ditch Witch. 
—Rock Drilling Tools and Mud Motor: Tricone Bit TCI,Tricone Bit Steel Tooth,Tricone Bit PDC,HDD Hole Opener,PDC Hole Opener,Tricone Rock reamer, Mud motor.
Slurry Pumps: 250lpm,350lpm,320lpm,600lpm,1000lpm,1200lpm,1500lpm.
Mud Recyclers: FN-30B,FN-30C,FN-60B,FN-60BC,FN-120B,FN-120C,FN-200B,FN-200C.
—Welding Machine: Manual,Semi-automatic,Hydraulic,Workshop Fittings.
—HDD Drill Tools: Barrel reamer,Fluted Reamer,Fly cutter,Sub savers.
—HDD Machine parts: Hydraulic motors,Mud mixer.




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