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DrillTo HDD Machine ZT-43T 2023

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Model: ZT-43T

Year of manufacture: 2023

Used hours: 350h

  • Powered by a 179kw Cummins diesel engine, which is more powerful than domestic engines.more power, higher efficiency and less noise.
  • The rotation adopts French Poclain low-speed and high-torque motor, which has strong impact resistance, high efficiency and easy start-up. Large dynamic torque. The maximum rotational torque measured on the test platform can reach 19000Nm. turn around It is continuously variable speed and can be adjusted arbitrarily from zero to maximum speed.
  • The rotation adopts a three-speed design, which can effectively avoid low speed when the torque is high and low torque when the speed is high. Improve construction efficiency.
  • Sauer variable closed-circuit pumps imported from the United States control the rotation, Sauer load-sensitive pumps and Kazakhstan imported from Germany. A load-sensitive valve controls the pullback. The system is energy-saving and efficient, with rapid response and high control accuracy.
  • The feeding and pushing speed is fast, up to 60m/min, the speed of adding drill pipe is fast, and the pipe dragging efficiency is high. Both feed and pullback are infinitely variable and can be adjusted arbitrarily from zero to the maximum speed.
  • The water pump adopts a 450L/min large-displacement water pump with adjustable flow, which saves slurry and prevents damage during construction. The effect of preventing drill bit clogging is remarkable.
  • The cab can be rotated, with wide field of view and easy to use.
  • Four-link structure, the crawler track is always on the ground, the adjustment angle is large, and the construction stability is good.
  • The total length of the drilling rig does not exceed 7 meters, the design is compact, short and powerful, and the construction area is small.
  • The center is high and low, and the drilling distance is short.
  • It adopts rack-and-pinion feeding mode, which is highly efficient and operates smoothly; it has two feeding motors. It can be equipped with a power-assist motor, and the maximum push-pull force can reach 860KN, ensuring safety during use completeness.
  • The power head is equipped with a self-floating mechanism for the shackle box to reduce wear on the drill pipe threads. Simple and reliable operation.
  • The clamper structure adopts double cylinder clamping method, which has large clamping force, good centering and is processed. It is easy to manufacture and has good stability; it is convenient to unscrew and unscrew the drill pipe thread; the unscrewing torque is large and the maximum to meet construction needs.
  • There are two options for drilling rig travel control: wireless remote control and wired remote control, with two-speed travel. Safe, reliable and easy to operate.