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Water line project railway crossing with ZLCONN 35ton HDD drilling machine

ZLCONN 35ton HDD machine india construction site, pics sharing by customer,  who said: “Powerfull ZLCONN ”

zlconn HDD machine india
zlconn HDD machine india
ZLCONN HDD drilling machine india
ZLCONN HDD drilling machine india

india 35ton HDD machine
india 35ton HDD machine


Horizontal directional drilling is widely used in the construction of underground communications, such as: laying communication and electrical cables,

laying oil and gas pipelines, heating pipelines, as well as sewerage and water pipelines.

The use of trenchless drilling technology has a number of advantages and allows work to be carried out not only
under natural landscape barriers: rivers, lakes, forests, but also in densely populated urban areas, including
under architectural monuments, in the presence of existing communications, under railway tracks, etc.  If it
is necessary to carry out underground communications under such obstacles, punctures are made.

Pipe pulling using HDD drilling technology
Construction site. Pipe pulling using the HDD drilling method.

Puncture under the road and puncture under the railway tracks are carried out using the same technology as
other punctures – the method of horizontal directional drilling. This type of work involves digging pits on
both sides – starting and receiving, which greatly simplifies the work of laying underground communications.
The road surface is not damaged and remains in the same form as before the start of work. There is no need
to dismantle railway tracks and suspend the movement of trains and freight trains.

HDD drilling technology has four stages:

  • preparatory stage,
  • drilling a pilot well,
  • expanding the well, pulling the pipeline or cable case into the well,
  • final stage.

The technology of trenchless drilling and HDD punctures is cost-effective. Expensive excavation work is eliminated,
costs for blue-collar employees are reduced, and energy costs are minimized, since the installations are completely
autonomous. When using the method of horizontal directional drilling, already laid communications, coverings of
transport highways, ground objects under which punctures are carried out are not destroyed, reservoirs, forests
and railway tracks remain untouched.

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