HDD Mud Mixer, Mud Pumps and Mud Recycling

Mud Pump-Horizontal Directional Drilling Mud Pumps(250L to 1500L)

Mud Recycling-Using Reclaimers To Reduce Fluid Disposal Costs


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Introduction of Mud equipment

Mud plays a very important role in horizontal directional drilling construction. Whether the mud can circulate normally directly affects the efficiency and results of horizontal directional drilling construction. Mud equipment includes mud mixer, mud pumps, mud recycler equipment, etc. The mud mixer is connected through pipelines to form a stable mud circulation system, providing reliable guarantee for horizontal directional drilling construction.

1. Mud mixing equipment

Mud mixing refers to mixing water, bentonite, mud additives, etc. in a certain proportion to prepare mud whose performance meets construction requirements. Each construction stage has different performance requirements for mud, so preparing suitable mud is the main task of mud mixing equipment.

2. Mud pump

The function of the mud pump is to provide high-pressure mud for drilling construction. The mud pump pumps the mud prepared on the ground to the drill bit through the drilling rig and drill pipe in a high-pressure form. It cools and cleans the drill bit, and cleans the drilling cutting surface and hole wall. Clean and carry the cuttings out of the hole. In drilling construction using mud motors (screw drilling tools), the high-pressure mud pumped by the mud pump is used as the power to drive the mud motor (screw drilling tools).

Basic performance and parameters of mud pump

The two main parameters of mud pump performance are flow and pressure. The flow rate is generally calculated in terms of the number of liters discharged per minute. The adjustment of the mud flow rate required during construction is related to the diameter of the drill hole, the diameter of the hole and the speed of mud return. That is, the larger the hole diameter, the greater the required flow rate, and the return speed of the mud can close the hole. The drill cuttings in the hole are fully carried out of the hole. The pressure of the mud pump depends on factors such as the length, depth, hole diameter, and mud viscosity of the drilled (expanded) hole. The longer the drilled hole, the deeper the depth, the smaller the hole diameter, and the greater the mud viscosity, the greater the mud return resistance, and the required pressure The bigger it gets.

  1. Mud recovery system also name mud recycling system

The function of the mud recovery system is to process the mud returned from the holes, remove the drill cuttings carried by the mud, and then recycle the treated mud. The amount of mud required for crossing construction is very large. The longer the distance and the larger the pipe diameter, the greater the amount of mud required for crossing construction. Using a mud processor to process and recycle the mud returned from the holes can reduce The amount of mud used is reduced, construction costs are reduced, and the disposal of waste mud is reduced, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

The slurry treatment system mainly consists of a vibrating screen, a sand remover, a desilter, a centrifuge (optional), a slurry circulation pump, and a processor tank. The mesh size is 40 to 120 mesh, and the sand and mud removal are of the cyclone type. Splitter.