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HUNAN ZLCONN HDD Machine Lecture – Lesson 3 HDD Machine Gripper, Anchor, tracking and slurry System

 Lesson 3 HDD Machine Gripper, Anchor, tracking and slurry System


1. Gripper Head of HDD Machine (Horizontal directional drilling machine)

         The HDD MACHINE Gripper System is located at the front of the rig and consists of front and rear Gripper. The front and rear Grippers can be pushed by the hydraulic cylinder to grip the drill rod, and the rear Gripper can rotate relative to the front vice under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, and the front and rear can be combined to disassemble the drill rod. The Grippers of the advanced manufacturer is mounted on the floating support to protect the Gripper from impact when the drilling rod is loaded and unloaded. For example, the HDD MACHINE of HUNAN ZLCONN MACHINERY CO.LTD.

2.Anchoring system of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

          The function of the  HDD MACHINE anchoring system is to stabilize and anchor the whole machine during operation and improve the stability of the whole machine. The component is located at the front end of the whole machine. At present, all manufacturers generally adopt a screw drilling mechanism; the low-speed high-torque motor is used to drive the auger, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to push or pull to drill-in or drill-out. The specific structure of each manufacturer is slightly different. In addition, the HDD MACHINE anchoring device is generally of two schemes: 1.the ground anchor valve is placed on the anchoring device, the structure is convenient to arrange, and the pipe-pulling is easy; 2.the latter ground anchor valve is placed separately, such as placed in the engine cover Inside, and completely changed the shape and appearance of the mainframe.

3.Tracking system of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

         The current tracking system for HDD MACHINE includes the hand-held tracking systems and cabled tracking system. The former is economical and easy to use, but the operator must directly on the ground above the drill bit, which is easily restricted by terrain, electromagnetic interference and depth of detection. It is mostly used on small and medium-sized drilling rigs; the latter can cross any terrain without electromagnetic interference, but it is complex and troublesome to use. It is also low efficiency and high price. At present, there are mainly various brand-oriented devices in the market. The DCI is the most extensive, the accuracy and data processing speed are faster, the technology is more advanced, and the user response is better.

4. Slurry system of HDD Machine (Horizontal Directional drilling machine)

          The HDD MACHINE slurry system consists of an on-board slurry system and a slurry mixing system. The slurry mixing system is used for slurry mixing and providing slurry to the on-board slurry system. The truck-mounted slurry system pressurizes the slurry and drives it into the hole through the power head, the drilling rod and the drill bit to stabilize the hole wall, reduce the turning torque, the resistance of the drawing pipe, cool the drill bit and remove dirt and debris from drilling. The truck slurry pump adopts hydraulic motor drive mode. Excellent piston slurry pump features large slurry flow, which can ensure slurry requirements.

         Requirements of a good slurry mixing system: The mixing system should have the functions of quick and even mixing, providing large flow slurry, adjustable slurry ratio, mixing and conveying at the same time. The user can also choose two slurry tanks in parallel, one to mix and another one to supply slurry.

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