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What is HDD machine?

The horizontal directional drilling unit is actively used in the laying, installation and repair of underground communications. It is convenient to use in densely built areas.

ZLCONN 45T HDD machine
ZLCONN 45T HDD machine

Where is HDD machine used?

The installation allows pipes to be laid without disturbing the integrity of the soil and ground. It is impossible to do without horizontal drilling where it is impossible to use the usual laying technology for an open area due to interference. We call obstacles water bodies, railways, asphalt pavement, etc.

In complex areas with interference, the use of classical technologies for laying utility lines into the ground is too expensive or completely impossible.

What is the HDD method

The most popular among trenchless technologies for laying pipes, the essence is horizontal drilling without destroying the integrity of the top layer of soil.

Imagine you need to lay a pipeline under a highway. If you use standard technologies, you will have to stop the traffic flow, open up the road surface, carry out work and re-lay it after laying the pipes. In addition to the complexity of the process, you will find exciting interaction with permitting authorities to collect the necessary documents.

If underground communications are needed on a summer cottage, then the horizontal drilling method allows you not to dig up the area, destroying all buildings and structures on it, but to carefully lay pipes underground. This allows you to preserve landscape decor and plants.

When using this method, cast iron, steel and polypropylene pipes can be laid.

HDD involves drilling in several stages. First of all, a well is drilled to determine the route along which the communication will be laid. The drill must be immersed in the ground at a slight angle of inclination, pass the bottom point of the well and return it back to the surface. The drill is controlled by an operator. After this, the resulting well-corridor is expanded to lay the pipe.

The advantage of ZLCONN HDD machine is that most of the models are manufactured on a tracked chassis, and construction often requires high maneuverability.

What is HDD machine puncture

The soil is pierced with special rods using a jack. Pipes along with special auxiliary devices are attached to the ends of the rods. After the rod passes a certain section, it is secured; to work in the next section, it is secured again. The cycle is repeated until the entire length has been completed. Detachment and connection is carried out using pressure elements. The machine is precise due to the guides and stable due to the supports.

First of all, for this type of drilling, a special pit is organized, into which the HDD is installed. The puncture technology is used for wells no more than 40 cm in diameter and no more than 50 meters in length. And then the horizontal drilling installation can expand the diameter to 1 m and the length to 350 m.

What are the advantages of drilling with HDD machine

  1. Soil failure is not possible because it is compacted during the process.
  2. Short deadlines for work if it is necessary to lay communications.
  3. Cheap and simple.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that the technology is not applicable in hard and rocky soils.

5 points to pay attention to when buying special equipment

  1. Technical characteristics: power, weight, dimensions of the horizontal drilling unit. The model is selected taking into account the work that needs to be done.
  2. Installation and maintenance costs. For example, the cost of spare parts from a European manufacturer and logistics costs are high when compared with spare parts that are already in stock at a dealer in your country.
  3. Speed ​​of obtaining spare parts or repairs in case of breakdown. Pay attention to the possibility of service maintenance and urgent repairs.
  4. Balance price quality. Calculate how much profit the installation will bring you in the future, and whether a well-promoted brand is worth such costs.
  5. Buy only new special equipment; buying used is always a risk.

When you contact us, we will honestly tell you about each model you are interested in and compare it with analogues.

Which installation to choose from manufacturers

When choosing, it is worth considering the tasks for which the equipment is purchased. You need to pay attention to the types of soil you will be working with, the features of future work, and the operational characteristics of utilities.

ZLCONN is a Top HDD machine manufacturer in China. It is implemented in almost all countries of the world. The brand competes with other world leaders in the quality of its products, not in price. Although the cost of more than 80% of the equipment is an order of magnitude lower than its European and American counterparts. The benefit of purchasing ZLCONN is that spare parts for any piece of equipment are always available. In case of a breakdown or planned replacement, you won’t have to wait long. And reducing downtime is the goal of any construction business.

Our company’s specialists will help you decide on the choice of special equipment based on your tasks and budget. HDD Drilling machines are available and can be ordered. Upon purchase, we provide training for operators. We will provide warranty and service maintenance.

Call us for advice on drilling rigs.

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