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What exactly a Project Manager does in a Micro tunneling project?

A few years ago, an acquaintance who I had assisted with his first HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) project posed a question to me: “What exactly a Project Manager does in a Micro tunneling project?” This individual is the owner of a company, and I had previously supported him during his initial venture into HDD.

hdd machine project
hdd machine project

Initially, the question was a little irritating to me to face this type of question to a 22years of experience holder man. But later I feel it is an employer and employee’s relation matter so I was bound to answers if an employer asks a question.

Anyway, I am happy to give an answer in writing.
As Project manager following things, I will do for you!
•First Study Geotech project finalized Micro tunneling machine,Survey , finalized line of boring path, Drawing, design pipe, shafts as per ground condition, Procurement of machine, pipe, bring right people at Site for execution of the project.
•Reporting to the Managing Director projects for project matters regularly to appraise the progress of project activities.
•Leading a team of employees with the responsibility of managing the project activities from inception to completion.
• Provide leadership and initiative in the overall coordination of system requirements, program specifications and to meet business requirements/objectives of significant projects.
•Determined if the micro tunneling system has the capabilities to work at the depths and attain the drive lengths/alignments laid down in the tender documents.
•Construction of Driving Shaft & Receiving Shaft, procure pipe for the project, check the quality of pipes, monitor pipe production
• Support project development and design activities by advising on project scope elements related to construction and constructability.
•Ensuring timely delivery of all project documentation related with the contract documents
•Planning overall activities, allotting responsibility to key personnel, maintenance of machinery, cash flow monitoring,  managing the budget allocation and conducting cost analysis and exercising control over expenditure.
•Establishing and maintaining relationships and communications with all stakeholders.
• Accountable for leading a team of employees with the responsibility of managing the execution of the construction projects.
• Liaised with external stakeholders throughout the project cycle and ensured project activities are well coordinated.
• Supervised all the project activities and provided technical inputs for methodologies of construction & coordinated with the site management team.
• Maintained on-site liaison between the client, company personnel and contractors in the resolution of project issues.

• Collect data to brief Client on project progress and provided possible resolutions to meet the Client priorities and responded appropriately by the project team.

• Responsible for monitoring assigned staff to determine that the contractor’s activities are monitored and controlled in accordance with design specifications and contractual requirements.

Monitored progress of the works, maintained comprehensive records and prepared thorough progress reports appraising the top management. Estimating the material resources, duration and human resources needed to achieve project goals and deliverables and timely provisioning of all resources •Ensuring Project team regularly meet and communicate with all stakeholders with regards to site progress and ensuring that all required approvals/changes are made on time. Conducting site visits, site meetings and periodical review to understand and ensure work progress as per schedule and resolving Issues that hamper the project progress.

•Conducting team meetings, conferences and events with the project team and project stakeholders.

Managing and developing Project team, resolving Employeeissues and carrying out Employee Appraisal Reviews.Ensuring strict compliance with QA and environment policy& safety regulations and monitoring the project health status.Closely monitoring cost and time schedules with an eye oncost optimization and savings on budgeted cost and expeditingtheprojectaheadofschedule. Suggested ways and means for the improvement of systemsand removal of current grey areas, keepingview the bestpractices in the industry / Benchmarking on planning.monitoring&executionofprojects.Provided support, assurance, and expert advice on allamatters related to the Health, Safety, Security, & Environment(HSSE) in order for the project to achieve objectives andaperformance


Assisted in resolving claims and disputes with contractors.

The owner of the company did not choose me for theproject. Unfortunately, he encountered a problem whenhis machine became stuck beneath the riverbed.approximately 5 meters below the surlace. Without hisknowledge, I engaged my skilled and experiencedoperator and dispatched them to the site to rescue themachine The project involved installing a 480-meter-longriver crossing using a 1200mm dameter reinforcedconcrete jacking pipeCould you please elaborate further on the responsibilities of a Project Manager in a Microtunneling project if you have additional insights on this topic? 

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