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Summer Maintenance for your Horizontal Directional Drill

Are you starting a big project this summer? Do you have your drill ready? If not, it’s time to get it .

It is always important to thoroughly inspect your HDD drilling equipment, perform routine maintenance, and address any potential problems. The checklist below will give you a little more guidance on what maintenance you should do this spring. Be sure to consult your operator’s and maintenance manuals for specific information on each of these features on your drill.

ZLCONN 38ton HDD machine in Brazil
ZLCONN 38ton HDD machine in Brazil


  1. Make sure the operator presence system is working properly.
  2. Grease the lubrication points of the machine.
  3. If your machine has a cab, top up the windshield washer fluid and check the cab air filter.
  4. Inspect the rollover protection system (ROPS): If you notice any flexing, cracking, breaking, or signs of flexing, call our aftersales service. Make sure there is no damage or signs of abrasion on the electrical harness.
  5. Check the horn and backup alarm system.
  6. Test the parking brake.
  7. Check the operation of the emergency shut-off switch.
  8. Look through your drill rod racks and remove any rods that show signs of wear or are damaged.
  9. Inspect, clean and grease the jaws.
  10. Verify that the machine’s oiler is working properly.
  11. Try the Strike Alert System and the Remote Lockout System.


  • Check and top up the engine oil.
  • Inspect the air filter; replace it if necessary.
  • Check the level and condition of the coolant.
  • Clean the radiator/grill of any debris.
  • Drain the fuel/water separator.
  • Check the oil level in the planetary gear and look for signs of leaks.
  • Check your hydraulic fluid levels.
  • Make sure the controls are working properly.
  • Inspect hoses and components for leaks and damage.
  • Check the pressure of the jaw cylinder and the operation of the jaws.
  • Check the machine pull/thrust and rotation pressure.
  • Check the operation of the shakedown units.

Also review our operator’s manual, which covers work area preparation, machine preparation, required personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety warnings. There you have it, a quick list of components you should inspect, maintain and repair. Spending a little time now on preventive maintenance can save you time down the road as you get busy working.

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