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Non-dig technology has become one of the government-supported high-tech industries

Although the domestic non-excavation industry has been implemented for more than a decade, most construction companies have also undergone long-term project construction practices, but are constrained by the constraints of the economic system and the level of productivity development, as well as long-term historical and cultural management thinking. As a result, many construction companies have not established a scientific and rational corporate management system in full accordance with the characteristics of project management. There are also many areas in the enterprise management that do not adapt to the construction characteristics of the project. The application of trenchless technology reflects the advanced civilization level of a city and the technical content of a company. Leaders at all levels shall incorporate the application of trenchless technology into pipeline construction, planning, design, and construction implementation so as to promote the application of trenchless technology; related companies shall make efforts to promote the popularization of mature technologies and R&D and improvement of innovative technologies, so that China’s non-opening The digging technique has been improved on the average application level, and there has been a breakthrough in the development of construction methods with Chinese characteristics.


Whether walking in the streets of the city, or on the outskirts of a horse, you look up at the sky and you will find that the sky is divided into squares one after the other by more or less wires. The concept of a purely human being has also been realized in recent years – thanks to the popularity of trenchless equipment. Non-excavation equipment is a series of products including horizontal directional drilling. The main function of this kind of product is to carry out the pipeline construction work of underground soil layer and rock formation without destroying the road surface. Its greatest effect is to realize the convenient laying of underground pipelines. China’s non-digging equipment manufacturing enterprises are mostly private enterprises, with small scale and limited output. With the participation of companies such as XCMG and Zoomlion, the industry has gradually changed its scope, the degree of product concentration has increased, and the scale of companies in the industry has also shown a sense of hierarchy. Excavation of road surface during municipal construction is very common. This not only results in impediment to traffic, but also causes great damage to the road surface. It also results in the deterioration of problems such as harassment due to the large scale of the project.


Currently, many cities in China have adopted modern trenchless technology for underground pipeline construction. This is an objective demand for the development of China’s domestic market, and it is also a benefit brought by the non-excavation technology itself. Trenchless technology effectively solves the problem of laying pipes under existing buildings and has good economic and social benefits. About China’s trenchless technology industry has a certain basis and development. Our own trenchless technology industry already has a new industry prototype. The trenchless technology industry has established a research and development base, has its own equipment design, and has also developed a part of its equipment. However, compared with Western developed countries, there are still many problems. China’s trenchless technology is still in its infancy and all technologies are not mature. The trenchless technology has been in foreign countries for more than 30 years. Nowadays, trenchless technology has become one of the government-supported high-tech industries. After continuous development and innovation, it has become one of the emerging industries with a clear market division of labor and a complete range of technologies. However, in China, there is no definite industry jurisdiction for trenchless technology.


It is impossible to excavate and lay pipelines after non-excavation has absolutely dominant urban bridges, buildings, and tunnels in areas that do not have excavation conditions. Some of them have the conditions for surface excavation, but because the pipeline is buried too deep and the groundwater level is high, non-excavation becomes the preferred method. The latest application of horizontal orientation/guided drilling technology is environmental engineering. Pollutants such as some large garbage disposal plants, industrial scrap yards, airport fuel tanks at airports, air bases, underground fuel storage, oil refineries, gas stations, etc., penetrate underground under the influence of rain, contaminating groundwater and soil. Horizontal drilling/guided drilling technology is used to drill horizontal wells in the contaminated area, and filters are laid inside it to extract contaminated groundwater and prevent further diffusion of pollutants. In addition, the following methods of treatment can be used: extraction of jets and soil vapors; recovery of free products (light or heavy non-dissolved liquids); biological treatment (infusion of culture media to accelerate the rate of decomposition of pollutants); Dipping and chemical stabilization are extracted; soil monitoring and sampling. The ground road network is vertical and horizontal, the underground facilities are staggered, and the function division of urban blocks has become an insurmountable obstacle for the construction of conventional projects, and there is a strong demand for non-excavation technology.

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