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Horizontal directional drilling HDD machine daily maintenance guidelines

Daily maintenance of ZLCONN horizontal directional drilling rigs can reduce machine failures, extend machine life, improve machine efficiency and reduce operating costs.

  1. Drill bit maintenance

The drill bit of a horizontal directional drill is a part of the equipment that is often subject to friction and wear, so its maintenance is very important. Keep it clean and lubricate, and worn drill bits need to be replaced regularly. When cleaning the drill bit, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe it. Do not use steel balls and other materials to avoid scratching the surface of the drill bit.

drill bits
drill bits
  1. HDD machine hydraulic system maintenance

The hydraulic system of the horizontal directional drilling rig is also an important part that requires regular maintenance. Hydraulic system maintenance should include the following aspects: regular replacement of hydraulic oil, cleaning and replacing oil filters, checking and adjusting the working pressure of the hydraulic system, and checking for loose connections. The frequency of hydraulic oil replacement should be determined according to the frequency of use of the HDD machine and the working environment.

  1. HDD machine engine maintenance

The engine of a horizontal directional drill also requires frequent maintenance to ensure that it runs smoothly while working. which include regular replacement of engine oil, air filter, fuel filter and other accessories, as well as cleaning and inspection of the fuel system to ensure full combustion of fuel.

  1. HDD machine electrical control system maintenance

When maintaining the electrical control system, you should check whether the cable lines are worn, clean the motor windings and relay contacts, and check whether there are faults such as virtual connections or short circuits. Performing these maintenance measures regularly can improve the safety and reliability of your electrical system.


1.Maintenance procedure

HDD machine maintenance guideline
HDD machine maintenance guideline

When maintaining the machine, please wear professional overalls and be equipped with necessary safety measures and tools. For example: wear safety helmets, masks, protective goggles, etc. Wear special overalls and equipment when working in a special environment.

When repairing the machine or disposing of the replaced lubricating oil and liquid, the oil should not be poured to the ground, and should comply with the regulations of the local environmental protection department or recycling center.

It is strictly forbidden to use organic solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, thinner and other organic solvents to clean plastic or resin parts such as instruments, seats, plastic windows, etc., so as to avoid fading, cracking and deformation.

 2.Before construction

Before the HDD drilling rig is built, the following aspects must be completed for the drilling machine.

Before booting

Check the fuel filter, air filter, and oil quality and quantity of the engine;

Check if the oil volume of each fuel tank is sufficient and the oil quality is normal;

Check whether the gear head of the power head or each reducer is sufficient and the oil quality is normal;

Check if the oil cylinder, hydraulic valve block, pipeline, etc. have oil leakage faults;

Inspect the steel structure for cracks, rust, desoldering and other damage and repair it;

Check the electrical device for aging, damage, etc.;

Check if the battery is in a good state;

Inspection and repair of drill rods and drills

Eliminate possible hidden dangers and tighten loose hoses and bolts;

Apply grease to each moving part and lubricate it;

The machine can be started only after the inspection is correct.

After Booting

Check if the engine meter display is normal and if there is an alarm fault;

Check that each electrical component is working properly;

Check the equipment for abnormal noises;

Check that the running institutions are working properly;

Check whether the hydraulic components and instruments are normal;

The construction operation can only be carried out after the inspection is correct.

3.During Construction

During the construction of the HDD drilling rig, the following routine maintenance work must be done on the rig at any time:

Monitor the working condition of the whole machine at all times, and stop the inspection in time when an abnormality occurs;

To replace the drill rod, apply grease to the joint of the drill rod;

After unloading the rod, the drill rod and the drill tool should be cleaned.

Apply grease to the power head, chain, reducer, cylinder, pin, etc.;

Focus on hydraulic valves, pipelines, motors and other hydraulic components to prevent oil leakage and damage.

4. After Construction

The machine should be idling for a few minutes and then turned off.

Maintain the engine system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Maintain the electrical system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Maintain the hydraulic system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Maintain the walking system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Maintain the working system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Maintain the mud pump system to eliminate hidden dangers;

Wash the machine for anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment;

Place the rig in a safe place to avoid sun and rain.

To sum up, the maintenance of horizontal directional drilling rigs involves many parts, including drill bits, hydraulic systems, engines, and electrical control systems. Each part requires special attention and meticulous maintenance. Only by maintaining all parts of the equipment can the service life, stability and work efficiency of the horizontal directional drilling rig be ensured.

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