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The Main Products

Engine Power: 153 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 380 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф1200 mm
Max.Torque: 16000 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 150r/min
$ 4000 Discount
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Engine Power: 194 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 450 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф1300 mm
Max.Torque: 23000 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 150r/min
$ 5000 Discount
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Engine Power: 264 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 800 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф1500 mm
Max.Torque: 35000 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 140r/min
$ 7000 Discount
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Engine Power: 118 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 220 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф900 mm
Max.Torque: 7000 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 200r/min
$ 3000 Discount
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Engine Power: 132 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 280 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф1000 mm
Max.Torque: 9000 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 150r/min
$ 3000 Discount
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Engine Power: 153 KW
Max. Pull / Push force: 350 KN
Max. Pull / Push speed: 40 m/min
Max. Drill Pipe Diameter: Ф1100 mm
Max.Torque: 13200 N.M
Max. Slewing Speed: 130r/min
$ 4000 Discount
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After understanding the requirements, we will let our engineers help you to provide a completely free solution

We usually reply your message within 6 business hours.

HDD Machine for Sale Advantages & Features

Big Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Factory

We have big great factory with 9 workshops of 60,000sqm to produce HDD machine (horizontal directional drilling machine).

Self Produced Parts 

We produce most of the parts all by ourselves, from raw steel sheet dealing to heat treatment for our horizontal directional drilling machine.

Better Steel Material 

In china, only our Company use WL610 steel for whole horizontal directional drilling machine structure( bottom,shell,boom,..). 

Better Key Components

We are the only factory in China that using both originally imported Italy motors and USA brand hydraulic pump for HDD Machine.

Oversea Service

We provide oversea service for directional drills all the time, which save your cost.

Good Price

We are willing to sacrifice our own profit to provide good directional drills  price to customers.HDD machine for sale now.

How do we grow your business?

We have professional HDD machine engineers to ensure that any of your project technical needs are met.
Local parts storage provided for horizontal directional drilling machine, which can solve problem quickly and save more money.
Once you leave the message, our team will usually reply you within 6 business hours.
We know that you need the HDD machine as quickly as possible so we always make sure to deliver on time.
ZLCONN HDD machine factory

Clients share their experience

"Before we choose ZLCONN horizontal directional drilling machine, we were hesitate, due to this is our first cooperation and my company is new in this field. After we received the machine and finished the job, we know that it is the very right choice and out of expectation, not only because of the machine but the onsite service ZLCONN provided is what exactly we are looking for. Thanks for ZLCONN team as our strong partner."
Mahbub from BD
Buyer from one of our clients.

Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening

We have large production capacity and molding experiences. So we can shorten the delivery days by over 50% compared with other suppliers.

200 +
Successful Projects
100 +
Clients From 27 Countries
$ 60 M
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ZLCONN HDD Machine Services

Oversea Services

  • Provided by engineers with more than 10+ years of experiences in HDD machine field to ensure professionalism.
  • Having helped our clients with hundreds of directional drill field problems already means our design solutions can save you a lot of time.
  • Just tell us your demand, and we can recommend you the most suitable choice for HDD machine for Sale.

Full Services

  • Warranty 1 year for hdd machine.
  • We provide free training as well in factory or project site to your team.
  • We build local horizontal directional drilling machine parts stock overseas to supply parts to you fast.