The high quality products and best client service make us top Chinese hdd machine suppliers and the best horizontal directional drilling machine to international market.

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ZLCONN HDD Machine Advantages & Features

We have big great factory with 9 workshops of 60,000sqm to produce HDD machine (horizontal directional drilling machine).

We produce most of the parts all by ourselves, from raw steel sheet dealing to heat treatment for our horizontal directional drilling machine.

In china, only our Company use WL610 steel for whole horizontal directional drilling machine structure( bottom,shell,boom,..). 

We are the only factory in China that using both originally imported Italy motors and USA brand hydraulic pump for HDD Machine.

We provide oversea service for directional drills all the time, which save your cost.

We are willing to sacrifice our own profit to provide good HDD machine price to you,so that you can get more profit.

How do we grow your business?

Local parts storage provided for horizontal directional drilling machine, which can solve problem quickly.
Regarding promotion, we will do online: Google, FB, Youtube advertising promotion and regular factory video live broadcast, offline: participate in exhibitions and product introduction meetings together.
Leave the message, our team will usually reply you within 6 business hours.
We provide free training as well in factory or project site to your team.
All HDD machine and drilling tools enjoy dealer prices, so that you have sufficient profit margins in the sales process.
Warranty 1 year for hdd machine.

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